PrepLit Searchable PDF 1.20: Article review software for Searchable PDF files collection

PrepLit Searchable PDF 1.20

search engine for searchable PDF files collection with extraordinary search options designed for article review. (PrepLit -- Searchable PDF falls in PDF Search Tool, PDF Search Engine, and Article Review Software category.) It provides special search options, full result management and exporting capability. Literature survey is a critical process. Regular PDF search programs do not have the essential features to streamline the process. The program

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Universal Searchlet 1.22: Search the internet comfortly from your systemtray or using a hotkey

Universal Searchlet 1.22

search engine, auction site and zillions of other websites that you search at! Universal Searchlet will even paste it from the clipboard for you. The most AMAZING part about this program is that you can add your own searches - as many you want - and the program even remembers all the options of the search. For example, you can create an eBay Cell Phones search! Just open the Search Engine Manager in Universal Searchlet, type in the inbuilt

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SearchSites 3.6: A free, time-saving tool for searching multiple software sites.

SearchSites 3.6

SearchSites is a free, time-saving tool for software developers. It searches multiple software sites for any given program`s name, and allows you to quickly and easily see where your program is listed, and where you need to submit or update. The software works by sending your search query to the sites that you select from a list, and opening up the results from each site in their own tabbed browser.

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Network Searcher 3.5.1: A new generation of network searching utilities. Free trial.

Network Searcher 3.5.1

Searcher, a powerful new generation searching utility for local area networks. The program uses an improved multithreaded search engine that provides almost instant LAN search results. It searches hundreds or even thousands of network computers almost instantly. And, unlike competing search utilities, the program searches through hidden shares and resources. In addition, with Network Searcher, you can limit your search to subnetworks, by setting

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Genetic System Search for Tech. Analysis 2.16: Quickly Find Technical Analysis Trading Systems with Genetic Programming

Genetic System Search for Tech. Analysis 2.16

Programming to reduce your workload ... Just provide a stock`s price and volume data and start the search ... In a matter of minutes the program produces a set of investment rules. Smart Optimization The ideal investment system will provide maximum profit, minimum drawdown and minimum brokerage fees ... Most technical analysis programs that optimize parameters merely try to maximize the profit ... Genetic System Search for Technical Analysis takes

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Search My Network 1.23: File search software for LAN and desktop computer with built-in file manager

Search My Network 1.23

search & management program. Quickly find computers, printers, files, folders and shares on your LAN or PC. Store found items in a report, export them to many formats or manage in-place using copy, move, sort, find, delete, etc. The program includes a search scheduler, IP search, time/size/content search filters, LAN tree (for browsing through workgroups, computers, shares and folders). This Windows LAN utility is a must-have program for a computer

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HandyFileSearch 1.1.0: Easy to use feature rich file searching utility. Fast search, accurate results.

HandyFileSearch 1.1.0

searching by file names - quickly searches by file names (partial, * and ? wildcards supported, regular expressions supported, searches within file name only or full path). - Powerful searching by content - search for multiple keywords with AND, OR, NOT. Use * and ? wild cards, regular expressions, search in binary files, search for binary data and much more... - Thumbnail or details view - Searches in ID3 Tags, EXIF, IPTC - quickly search MP3 files

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ORACLE Object Search 1.4: Professional tool that can be used for searching all database objects and Apex

ORACLE Object Search 1.4

searched or excluded from the search by using options. There is a possibility to search for other phrase in already found earlier objects (search can be repeated several times) There is a possibility to search for the whole word or phrase in objects. It means that before the first symbol of the found text and after the last, there is no word character ([a-zA-Z0-9_]) There is a possibility to exclude Oracle comments from search. Search can be carried

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diskMETA-Lite 1.0: Free version of diskMETA full text document search tool for your desktop PC.

diskMETA-Lite 1.0

diskMETA-Lite is a free (limited-featured) version of diskMETA hard disk search software. diskMETA-Lite Advantages: Internet search technology based Fast document retrieval User-friendly interface Full text search Quotation of text fragments with query words highlighted Supports .doc, .txt, .html formats Advanced search option supported by Boolean and proximity operators Automatic launch of applications for document viewing or editing

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Search Assistant 1.0: Windows Desktop Search Creation Wizard

Search Assistant 1.0

Search Assistant is an easy to use program for creating Advanced Query Syntax (AQS) searches for Windows Desktop Search. It allows you to create complex where clauses based on a file`s properties as well as searching for text. The results of your searches can be displayed in the Search Assistant`s own results window or your search can be passed directly to Windows Explorer Features : Windows Property System Aware - Search Assistant uses the Windows

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